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Funeral In Heaven

Formed in early 2003 and hailing from the ancient battlegrounds of Sri Lanka, FUNERAL IN HEAVEN are known as a project who through the veins of Black Metal, unleash and expose the country's ominous side of history with its decades of war and notorious chronicles regarding events of demonology and exorcisms. Known as the initiators of the genre Hela Black Metal, FUNERAL IN HEAVEN are regarded to blend the cold dirge of Black Metal with ingredients of Sri Lankan traditional instrumentation. D.H.S.P.S. EP (Legion of Death Records) - Two hellish tracks to be released, comprising and drenched of ancient demonology, decades of civil war and preachings of the afterlife.



Merlock is a Colombo based Progressive Thrash metal band formed in the latter part of 2005. They address themes of human nature and war emphasizing on the darker side of humanity.The band was found by a bunch of kids who were still schooling. Dumidu (lead guitar, Vocals), Sajith (Guitar), Tharindu (Bass) and Niroshan (Drums) formed it to give in to the thoughts of finding a way to pass time.

The band played their first gig for a college event after four months of the formation. In 2006 Tharindu had to leave the country to continue his education and Dimuthu became the new bassist of Merlock. The band started working on their first original “Crimson Skies” after Dimuthu joined. The Crimson Skies EP was launched in the year 2007 and it became a hit single.

After the EP launch the band went silent for a while as they were targeting for the TNL onstage. Even thought there was a little time ahead of them, to compete, they became the Runners up of the TNL onstage 2007. Not only that, they managed to grab the award for the best original with their hit single “Crimson Skies”. This also featured in TNL SL top 10 in 2007.



The pioneers of Sri Lankan sludge metal, the only known Asian sludge metal band "cannabis" is a synthesis of the word metal. Front man Dinuk Perry has defined the bands sound by labeling it under many categories giving “cannabis” the technicality it deserves. "Cannabis" is labeled sludge/power groove/atmospheric/tribal voodoo/ drone metal. Bringing forth trashy riffs blended wit a roaring power of Dinuk Perry’s vocals crazy stamina of drummer Leker harsh offensive riffs of bassist Dimmu and the delicate yet complexity of guitarist Dasa, this four piece metal band from Colombo shows decisive promise in following footsteps of there brothers in arms F.I.H and Fallen Grace, by producing the best in Sri Lankan originality but at the same time bringing a different sound to the realm we call heavy metal. a variety of heavy and slow riffs are blended with the technicality and sheer brute power of the drum and bass indisputably a new found gem in the sludge metal category.

“Cannabis” is a band propelled by the true meaning of “freedom of speech” and fighting for your rights. Emerging from a government manipulated, typecast, prejudiced yet cultured society this sludge band from the heart of Colombo only believes in doing what they want however they want to. Inspired by a blend of sludge, doom, drone, old school, voodoo, thrash and power groove bands “Cannabis” puts all this into the perception in creating their music and more prominently blends it around a Sri Lankan Flavor.


Fallen Grace

Fallen Grace is a melodic death metal band based in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Fallen Grace was instigated in Colombo, Sri Lanka by five school buddies in late 2003 at a time when Hard Rock & Metal music in the country was severely occult and even unheard of. The music industry was awash gangster-rappers, cheesy pop singers and mundane club bands that played the same set of covers every night! A change was in dire need! It was this drive to be different, to be original and to create music which was raw and above all with substance, that created the nucleus of Fallen Grace and which still drives the band to this day!

Our common belief is that were put on this planet to create and play music and nothing else! Our devotion to our art is ardent. Managing day jobs and college while carrying the band forward is not an easy task, especially in a country with very little or no backers for this particular genre of music. But as a band it is our central belief that if there is a will, there is a way. Due to five years of sheer live insanity and the good word of mouth, Fallen Grace have risen from the occult and have become a much sort after band not only in the Heavy Metal scene but also in the larger English Music Industry in Sri Lanka.

Fallen Grace have now laid the ground work for their debut studio release titled “Heresy Unveiled” (Do we believe?). The album is currently being recorded by the Expounder at Empyre Studios, Colombo. The album deals with the corruption of leaders, apathy, damaged caused by organized religion and blood-shed Sri Lankans deal with at present!



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